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Flora & Fauna
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Flora & Fauna.

The plant layer features interesting elements, as well as being a nesting place for marine birds.

At the foot of the Red Mountain (Montaña Roja), is the last sandy spot in the province, the lagoon of La Mareta, refuge to a colony of snowy plovers (Charadrius alexandrinus) and more than a hundred species of birds from the African continent.

Natural Protected Spaces

Ifara Mountains Natural Monument and Los Riscos

Los Desriscaderos Natural Monument

Red Mountain (Montaña Colorada) Natural Monument

The ensemble of Ifara Mountain and Los Riscos, made up by two relatively recent cones, Los Desriscaderos, the Red Mountain (Montaña de las Coloradas) and by El Río Canyon, where botanists and vulcanologists carry out permanent research.

Montaña Pelada Natural Monument

Is a volcano that originated from contact with the sea water, an effect that has translated into a cone that is wider than it is high, and of a particular light shade in colour. Its plant layer is a chosen spot for the nesting site of marine birds.

Teide National Park

Forest Crown Natural Park

An extensive area considered a place of high scientific interest, for its volcanic geomorphology as well as for its elements of flora and fauna.

Red Mountain Special Natural Reserve

Is a great volcanic cone that has favoured the instalment of small sand dunes. The winds carry the sand grains which settle on the fossil dunes, that are up to a meter high.

The beaches of El Médano and La Tejita (a nudist beach, calm and protected), to the east and west respectively, are an unequalled frame for this volcanic edifice of 170 meters height, characterised by its reddish material and its vertical cuts, caused by marine erosion, that shape a cliff over fifty meters in height.


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